A fun little NES game that was not released in America due to religious issues. Of course, the ROM is always available over the internet. In this game, you are a little dragon named Tamagon (almost a dead ringer for a minature Yoshi), and your mission is to navigate you way though Hell, picking up crosses and bibles, and using them to eat all the dots to move on to the next level. (Yes, it IS very similar to Pac-Man.) Replacing the ghosts are demons, that you can shoot fire at when you have a bible or cross. Once they're toasted, you can eat their eyes to gather more points. Satan, who appears as a strange blue devil at the top of the screen, would make the screen scroll up and down or left and right, making it possible for you to get squished by the edge of the screen. Fortunately, this game is far from dark and dreary, as the graphics are good and colorful. A Tamagon trophy appears in the Japanese version of Super Smash Bros. Melee.

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