A town in British Columbia, part of Metro Vancouver and north of Vancouver proper. Deep Cove is across burrard inlet from the downtown peninsula, and is immediately adjacent to North Vancouver. Deep Cove is bounded on the north by mountains, on the south by burrard inlet, on the west by North Vancouver and on the east by the Indian Arm, and across the Indian Arm by Port Moody. It is filled with evergreen trees and surrounded by beautiful views of the water; as such it is home to many a marina and kayak outfit. Tourists like to visit the old village, which is apparently very quaint. Deep cove is mostly residential, and mostly consists of mega-expensive single-family houses. There is one bus route that serves Deep Cove, and in general the town is almost completely inaccessible without a car, or at least a dirt bike, which are very popular with the very bored youth when they're not busy getting the hell out of deep cove and visiting vancouver. Deep Cove is home to Cates Park, where the Under the Volcano music & social resistance festival is held annually in August, and where renowned author Malcolm Lowry lived for many years as a squatter.

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