Declare Yourself is a national nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign to energize and, as the slogan of the organization says, "empower" a new movement of young voters to participate in the 2004 presidential election.

Similar to Rock The Vote, Declare Yourself tries to inform America's youth to take a stance on major issues and as a result, show up to the polls on Election Day. They funded a live spoken word and music tour that ended up making stops at major universities, convention centers and a stop at the Tribeca Film Festival. The organizations sent representatives to speak at various high schools and maintain a website for voter registration and election information.

In a partnership with Yahoo!, music video director David LaChapelle directed three public service announcements along the theme of "Only You Can Silence Yourself." More notable are the nine public service announcements that filmmaker Kevin Smith did for the organization which aired on Comedy Central. The ads featured names by the likes of Larry David, Zach Braff, David Cross, Molly Shannon, Wanda Sykes, Sarah Silverman, Amy Poehler, Adam Brody, Ray Romano, Smith's longtime collaborator Ben Affleck and Smith himself along side Jason Mewes in the amusing return of Jay and Silent Bob.

Declare Yourself has similar problems that Rock The Vote has. While there have been no attacks on the organization on terms of not staying bipartisan, some of the Declare Yourself attempts to get youths to vote are rather pathetic. With examples being a fashion show to encourage voters and a short film called Let's Go Voting!. Yet with no bias (exemplified by the organization's website doesn't feed you information anymore than a link to each candidates web site) and a good message (trying to get youths active in politics) Declare Yourself is a fine organization.

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