Back at the dawn of the 21st century it had never really occurred to me that what I write on the internet while stay on the internet forever.

But it does stay around forever. In recent years I have found myself logging into message boards to delete or edit decade old posts.

I have some personal writings here that I would probably do the same thing to, but I have a little bit of attachment to them. Most of them aren't 100 percent true anyway, most of them are more like the movie version and for the most parts the names involved have been changed. In some cases multiple people have been combined into the same person and details have otherwise varied far from the truth. So if you know me in real life and somehow find my writing here, don't be sure that any of it is how it really happened or that I am even writing about who you think I am writing about.

Hi guys. I got dragged out of sabbatical a bit earlier. I don't think this qualifies me as retired badass, as much as I would like to be one some day.

Big daddy nate said he needed some muscle around here. Some new project or something. I'm his flunkie now. So I do his bidding for now. I'll get back to doing other things for e2 soon, once nate's maniacal plans are satisfied.

Wow, this place needs a lot of work. We'll get to it. Some day.

Trying to keep the floating grass and insects out of the wet paint and varnish.
One is an Ace of Cups. Tea cup sitting on a balcony, overlooking Sellicks Beach and the agave for Joan.
One is a mesh of patterns from the mangrove trail for Kristen.
Two are bright amber patterns. The latest is a salvia, handprint and two butterflies.

It is good to keep painting. It feels healing. I am impatient to make things.
Saturday will be working with paper again. I wonder if I can make something useful.

It was cold this morning. Not Iceowl cold, but a nice balmy -22 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind chill was -46 degrees. My house, which certainly needs more insulation, was stuck at 55 degrees as the furnace struggled to get the house warmed up.

Luckily, I woke up at 4am for some reason, so I bundled up and plugged my diesel truck in. She started right up, but didn't seem too happy about it. I was almost at work (30 min drive) before I couldn't see my breath any more. Brrrr!

Notes from the Surf

More powerful than a locomotive: Wally Wallington Building Stonehenge
Doesn't fit the nerd profile.

Objects in mirror
Or why I drive like a maniac...

Food Ad Tricks
I have to put on my face before getting eaten.

Cooperation and Human Nature
"when I help you play your role either through physical help or by informing you of something useful, I am helping myself, as your success in your role is critical to our overall success."

Wal-Mart pays largest wage-and-hour class-action settlement in Massachusetts history
"The class-action lawsuit, filed in 2001, accused the retailer of denying workers rest and meal breaks, refusing to pay overtime, and manipulating time cards to lower employees’ pay... Wal-Mart has denied the allegations, but in December, the merchant agreed to pay up to $640 million to settle 63 federal and state class-action wage-and-hour lawsuits."

Jobless professionals vie for holiday sales work
"You'll find Wall Street stock brokers and small business owners trying to find temporary retail jobs during the holidays," said Ellen Davis, vice president of the National Retail Federation.

A Cloud Still Hangs Over Bhopal
Warren Anderson, the Union Carbide chief executive at the time of the gas leak, lives in luxurious exile in the Hamptons, even though there’s an international arrest warrant out for him for culpable homicide... a 2006 letter from Andrew Liveris, the chief executive, to India’s ambassador to the United States asked for guarantees that Dow would not be held liable for the cleanup, and thanked him for his “efforts to ensure that we have the appropriate investment climate.”

Honduran elections exposed
A high ranking official at the election tribunal told me off camera that the president of the tribunal, Saul Escobar, on the night of the election, announced the number out of nowhere. When I asked the official to say that on camera, they responded, "Do you really want me to get shot?" "the electoral process is being run by the same assassins of our people... the only glass breaking we observed that day was done by the police themselves"

Greece: Police raid on anarchist social centre in Athens
"the Minister of Public Order has held meetings with the owners of major stations and journals giving them directions on how to broadcast news in the following days." "At least three people were run over on purpose by motorcycle police at today’s demonstration. One woman is in critical condition." Pic.

Nepal: 4 Landless, 1 Riot Police Killed After "Highway Turned Into Battlefield"
Locals said the policeman was thrashed to death after police shot Narendra BK dead... Around 10,000 families have gathered at the forest area... "We were happy to learn that we were being given land. But we faced such misfortune," Lahur, an elderly woman, said after policemen burnt down her huts along with her clothes and other articles.

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