The Mother Daughter Show II is still up for the month of December. I was there on Saturday from noon to eight pm. I had the Panda Minimum camping trailer outside, with the blessing of the police. I had the model inside, with a "Get Real Girl" doll, bicycle on the trailer, doll in a canoe, backpack and stove and accessories, lit with little battery candles. Silly, but effective. I had a sign in the window saying "Look inside" and I think that about 200 people did. Saturday was not only Gallery Walk from 5-8pm, but Kiwanis had their train downtown and were giving kids rides. The local group Wild Rose Chorale was walking around in 1890s garb caroling and then caroled at the city Christmas Tree from 1-3pm. Santa arrived for the tree lighting at 4:30 and downtown was a zoo.

The Panda Minimum trailer got way more attention than the art. There are galleries on either side and they were hopping during Gallery Walk. One had a show of small art, all under 15 inches, with about 100 pieces. Very nice show. The other side is a cooperative gallery and has about 10 featured artists, very beautifully displayed.

My brother outlaw brought a bike to display on the back of the Panda Minimum, a bike jersey, water bottles and a big magnetic sign. I also put up the banner of our mountain bike team: Olympic Mountain Bike Team, with a northwest native style orca. I gave out lots of fliers about the Panda and explained. This is the first one, a prototype and he is looking for buyers to build more. It is for camping at trail heads or where ever you can drive it. It is super light, has a double bed and holds two bikes on the back.

For that sort of art show/publicity I dressed up and channeled my mother. I did crawl into the van and sleep for an hour, but otherwise I was "on" the whole time. Good test for clinic, because when I do clinic, I am either listening hard, talking, thinking, typing or ordering tests. Yesterday I felt like I'd been beaten all over with sticks, for a long time. Every single muscle ached. The good part was that my voice lasted the eight hours, I didn't get the cough back and my chest didn't ache any more than anything else. So it is an improvement, but I'm not sure I could really do four hours of clinic and certainly not eight. Sigh. I wanna work. I thought that the antibody reaction could lead to fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue once the epinephrine receptors got withdrawn: but I hoped not me!!! Right. Good luck.

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