Life is very interesting, but not on a day to day basis. However, this must go out to the world.

I learned a very disturbing thing today. My friends and I were innocently messing around in a store and my brother went to try on some pants. There was an employee folding clothes by the dressing rooms. We decided to sit in some handy benches nearby.

Now, brace yourselves.



“Someone peed in these pants!”

That’s right, someone had peed in the pants the employee was folding. And apparently, this is a fairly common occurrence. It is not uncommon for an employee to be folding pants and find a wet spot reeking of ammonia. Not as common but not unheard of is seeing a couple go into a dressing room and do… whatever for 15 minutes.

What is worse though is that the employee with urine stained hands couldn’t leave. She has hand sanitizer in her locker. But she cannot get to it. Instead she must keep folding clothes, touching them with her piss covered hands.

It could be worse. Apparently, some people pee in some pants and put them back in the rack. Then when all the employees are refolding the clothes, they encounter a musty odor.

Beware, people may be weirder then they appear.

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