We did a fun project in art today. Several people are credited with using the scribble method as a way for people to tap into areas of the mind. You hold your writing instrument over your paper, close your eyes, and move the instrument over the paper leaving whatever path you feel like leaving. In our class we tried to find two animals in the scribble. Our teacher found Elvis and a large butterfly in his. There was a suicidal snake and a badly burned partridge in mine. The snake was on a rocky outcropping over a river while the partridge was closer to the edge of a mountain with a large black crevice in it. Here is their story:


Snake was tired of being despised. He slit his forehead to extract his skull. A surgically repaired partridge flew to an outcropping. The river craved stillness. The mountain wanted to move. Partridge captured the suicidal snake. Water from the river captured venomous droplets of blood. Mountain absorbed the iron. Water washed the wounds. Partridge saw he wasn't the only scarred being. Mountain shared the story of the impact that almost cracked him. Water cried, her tears dried on the mountain. Partridge and snake made their home in the mountain's scar. River visited daily. Tomorrow they will visit Graceland #Healing 


For anyone who doesn't know, I spent five days at a psychiatric facility where I received a bipolar diagnosis. I'm currently in an outpatient program, on a couple of antipsychotics that have me gaining weight, a short term bridge med they hope will stabilize my moods better, and anti-anxiety meds that I take with every meal. Art and experiential therapy have helped me tremendously. I want to buy myself 100 Days Of Art Journal Therapy, the other day I went to Walgreens and bought some glitter glue and tagboard. I'll never make a living as an artist, but I won't die as a starving one either.


There's a difference between saving a life and giving life back to someone. The holidays can be tough, could you please do me a huge favor and reach out to the people in your life you haven't heard from recently?  

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