Just a quick update, more for myself than anyone else. Yesterday I wrote a post that I ended up not being able to finish because it took an unexpectedly personal swing. I'm listening to Duke Ellington right now, life is strange. I wanted to help people, and I told a friend of mine that I was going to change baseball, really, baseball ended up changing me, for the better I think, or maybe I'm just a stronger, healthier, more resilient person right now.

A friend of mine sent me an email in response to one I sent him last week. It's tough having friends who are so perceptive. I don't have to tell him things, he can read between the lines, he probably knows more about myself than I do which is simultaneously frightening and comforting since I trust him. Lately my musical tastes have changed, I think that's good too because I can sit and listen to lyrics instead of identifying with the emotions the music is conveying.

Jane is back at school, but now Jill is sick. I called in sick yesterday because she wanted me to stay at home with her. She doesn't ask for me to hang out with her very often, so I called a woman that I respect to see if she could take my shift. Yesterday I watched another episode of KWBTV, I get so much out of each episode, things that I don't expect to be hearing resonate which is good because they're things I need to be hearing.

That's it for now, it's almost five here and I want to get some things done before the girls are awake.

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