This is not a fact, but a well developed theory grounded on more comprehensible factual information.


Tomato leaves, as some botanists might know, contain some quantity of toxic elements, which are able to kill some cultures of micro-organisms and harmful bacteria. To an advanced gardener this knowledge may provide a solution to microscopic problems such as some specific plant illnesses.


Given the information presented above, a natural extension is the theory of death by tomato leaves, which suggests the possibility of extending the range of targets to anything living. The key to killing someone with tomato leaves is exposing the weapon to the internal organs of the target. Among several ways of approaching this, one of the more popular and simpler ways is to breathe in the toxin carrier, exposing the lungs to its poison.


The following experiment produces undeniable results.

Step 1: 20 human volunteers1 are split into two groups of 10 (the experimental group and the control group).

Step 2: Each target in the experimental group is to be presented with a set of tomato leaves to be breathed in, substituting all air for best results. The control group does not recieve this treatment.

Step 3: Within several minutes from the beginning of step 2, the experimental group of volunteers is guaranteed to be dead.

Below is a table of empirical data obtained by research of my associates, specifically testing the above experiment2.

Trial 1      | Experimental | Control | Total
   Entered   |     206      |   205   |  411
 Dead at End |     206      |     0   |  206

Trial 23     | Experimental | Control | Total
   Entered   |     103      |   102   |  205
 Dead at End |     103      |     1   |  104

Trial 3      | Experimental | Control | Total
   Entered   |      51      |    50   |  101
 Dead at End |      51      |     0   |   51

Trial 4      | Experimental | Control | Total
   Entered   |      25      |    25   |   50
 Dead at End |      25      |     0   |   25
1. For statistical accuracy it is best to use no less than 10 targets per group
2. The data was gathered on May 31st through June 1st, 2003
3. Cause of death of the control volunteer in trial 2 is yet to be determined


The abundance of tomato leaves, their ease of use, and the reliability of results should guarantee a rise in their popularity in everyday life of an average consumer.

The leaves are not only helpful, but sometimes quite necessary, as in the following common scenario: a family of tourists are enjoying a weekend picnic in a national park, when a large bear approaches them with ill intentions. A classical family would probably attempt to escape and be slaughtered immediatly, but luckily the father of the family always carries a large bag full of fresh tomato leaves. He confidently approaches the bear, takes a handful of the leaves out of his bag, and proceeds to expose the bear's respiratory system to their toxic contents. Within minutes the alveoli of the bear become clogged with tomato leaves, and the toxic elements spread throughout the body through the bloodstream, killing the large animal before he had a second to think. The family is saved, the father is a hero, and thanks to the miracle leaves the picnic can resume.

One can argue that the intelligence level of the bear might allow him to use the toxic weapon against the human attacker, but studies show that the mental capacity of a bear does not allow for such a rational train of thought.

Another argument against the tomato leaves can be the expectation of their misuse. If taken one step further, this biological weapon can be used not only for own security and defense, but also for improper purposes such as threatening, homicide, and such other abuse. Studies show, however, that the mental capacity of a bear does not allow for such a rational train of thought.

In closing, I urge others to turn attention to the possibilities behind this product, as well as further research on the subject.

Thanks to:
My colleagues for conducting some of the large scale experiments
My coworkers for processing the information and helping me defining this theory

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