Deady Hall was the first building built on the University of Oregon campus, in 1876. The building has many interesting quirks and is still used for classes today.

Upon first looking at Deady, it looks like it is three stories tall. However, look closely and you'll see desks and such halfway up a window. This is because they put new floors, called mezzanines, between the other floors since the rooms were all so tall. So when you go to the third floor, you're really going up about five flights of stairs. Ugh!

Deady is named after Judge Matthew P. Deady, who wrote the Oregon state Constitution and was a member of the University's board of trustees. Although Deady was the first building constructed, it was the second one named. When it was the only building, the students, faculty and townfolk in Eugene just called it the "University of Oregon." Because that's all there was, see? So when they built Villard Hall next door just a few years later, they figured they would need names to distiguish between the then multiple buildings that comprised the fledgling campus.

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