Did you ever wonder what happens down that street? Inside that house where the curtains remain closed. That house, with its mud brick walls and that rough sandpaper like texture. Where the lights never seem to go on. Where there is no movement. But you get the feeling that something is wrong with that house. They call it an instinct. It’s too hard to explain, you just know that something is going on behind those curtains. Something happens over there when the moon is at its highest. You know that you can’t do anything about it. But you feel like something should be done whether or not it’s your decision to something. Something just happens to be done.

Only a few days pass and without any sleep you decide that you have to head over there. Not knowing whether the lack of sleep is impairing your judgment, you see yourself standing at the gate. Staring at that house. Your hand reaches out and you push the front gate. The rusty gate lashes out with a deafening sound of screeching as the gate slides open. But you don’t care if anyone will hear it because no one lives there. Or so that is what you want to think. As you reach the door you try to push it open but the door is slammed shut. You head around the back. The sound of barking immediately follows your step as you reach the backyard. You stop dead in the darkness. Your eyes, still adjusting to the night, starts to focus on the back door. There was a dog lying there. Keeping guard. The dog is still barking and looking at you. You start moving as a light flickers on form inside the house. The barking stops. Your breathing suddenly quickens. The back door starts to open. You just want to run and get out of there but curiosity overcomes you. You want to see who lives there. For that is the reason that you are standing there at that very moment. That’s the reason why you have lost sleep over the past couple of nights. The door opens and the figure of a man is illuminated by the moon above. He raises something and you hear the snap of a shotgun as its being loaded and snapped into firing position. Only one thought comes across your mind. Why?

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