Born in 1956, screenwriter/director David Twohy is best known for his writing on The Fugitive and his recent sci-fi hit, Pitch Black. A former bartender, Twohy graduated from California State University's Film and Electronic Arts program before pursuing his writing career.

His early credits include screenplays for Warlock, The Fugitive, Terminal Velocity and Waterworld. He made his feature film directorial debut with 1996's The Arrival, which was generally well received by critics and audiences alike as a smart science fiction thriller. His next project, Pitch Black, was originally supposed to be an adaptation of Isaac Asimov's story Nightfall, but Twohy ended up changing the direction of the project significantly, so it was only loosely, if at all, based on the book. Though not considered to be terribly original, Pitch Black earned its reputation as a well-constructed, tight, and relentlessly suspenseful genre film.

He is known for his strong sense of story and deep understanding of the dramatic potential of the characters in a movie. He is able to craft long sequences of building suspense (The Fugitive was basically an extended two hour chase scene), while at the same time giving his characters depth and feeling. As a director, he is known for pulling every stylistic trick in the book. He has a good reputation in the horror/science fiction genre, and a quick look at his future projects (see below) shows much promise.

Future Projects:
  • Impostor - In a world at war with aliens, Spence Olham is one of the top brains on the planet. However, he's suddenly suspected of being an undercover alien operative. This was due to be released in fall 2001, but mixed reviews seem to have pushed it back to a January 2002 release.
  • Below - Originally titled Proteus and based on a script by Darren Aronofsky (who had hoped to helm the movie himself, but couldn't), Below sounds like the perfect follow up to Pitch Black. During World War II the crew of an American submarine must outwit the menace of pursuing Nazi ships and submarines as well as a mysterious and powerful creature from the bottom of the ocean. The film is in post-production and is scheduled for release sometime next year.
  • Chronicles of Riddick (Pitch Black 2) - Theres not much info available on this yet, but it appears to be a prequel to Pitch Black, following the exploits of Vin Diesel's character Riddick. Twohy's involvement is probably going to be minimal, though, as David Hayter has been tapped to write the script.
  • Demon With A Glass Hand - To be based on an episode of The Outer Limits written by Harlan Ellison. A man from the future has found himself in our time and without any knowledge of his origins. Interesting sounding, and all signs point to this being his next project after Below.

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