Darwin Falls is a really cool oasis in the Mojave Desert , near Death Valley. Darwin Falls is found in a perfectly normal looking dry wash.. if you walk a ways up this wash it enters a gorge and soon you will see water flowing down the canyon. The water is forced to the surface by rock outcroppings also forming a series of 'waterfalls'. The first waterfall is rather impressive... if you can climb around it you will find two more.. the second is also pretty but the third one is really impressive.. the creek shoots about 100 feet down a little chute in the rock.. into a really awesome pool. The water is warm and pleasant, but you might not want to go in because i did see a few small leeches in there. But its an awesome place.. we saw a bat scoop water out without landing and all kinds of little butterflies and other interesting animals. If you filter the water you can drink it.. it has a really nice, sweet taste. It's called Darwin Falls because there's a little community of plants there which dont exist anywhere else nearby.. some of which are probably endemic. unfortunately, its also infested with tamarisk. Other than that, it doesnt have anything to do with Charles Darwin.. he's never been there

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