A British techno group. Members include Scott Rosser, Paul Spencer and Stephen Spencer (unrelated). Dario G draws from a number of world music traditions to create lighter techno that sometimes verges on new-age contemporary.

Dario G has had one release of significance, the track Sunchyme, which combines a Dream Academy sample with steel drums and a techno beat. The Sunchyme single was Dario G's first release, followed in 1998 by their only album to date, Sunmachine.

In January of 2001, a new Dario G single, Dream To Me was released in the UK, this one prominently featuring samples from The Cranberries well known song, Dreams.

You may not be aware that Dario G took their name as a homage to the manager of my hometown football team - the mighty Dario Gradi MBE who's held the reins at Crewe Alexandra since 1983, making him the current longest serving manager in British professional football.

I think the band members are from Crewe and are lifelong supporters too.

I think he's more of an easy-listening fan in music terms, so don't know what he thinks of the techno tribute.

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