Throw a laurel branch into a fire.
Ask a question.
If the branch crackles, the answer is "yes." Or "probably."
There is a direct correlation between the volume of the crackling and the certainy of probability.
If it burns without crackling, the answer is "no."
Apparently the depth of the silence will tell you how bad the outlook is.

Patricia Telesco, in A Victorian Grimoire notes:

Throw a handful in your fireplace all at once and watch the flame. If the flames rise up together, this is also a positive sign. Three flame points means that things are coming together to a harmonious conclusion, one point is single-mindedness and two flame points mean you may need the aid of a friend to accomplish your goal. Bay leaves may also be used for this technique, and are easier to obtain.

Daph"no*man`cy (?), n. [Gr. δα`φνη the laurel + -mancy.]

Divination by means of the laurel.


© Webster 1913.

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