The "Daoine Sidhe" is a name for a special kind of faerie who, like the Tuatha dé Danann, are actually supposed to be a historical people. Some say the Daoine Sidhe are the Tuatha dé Danann after they were driven underground by the Milesians; that was the time they changed their name, but both names refer to faerie peoples. They supposedly had a king named Finvarra, and in their underground lair he is still the king, under the hill of Knockma. People's place in society is based on their ability to play chess! The King is the best, and humans cannot beat him or most of the better Daoine Sidhé at this game--if they beat a faerie at chess, they could be given a reward. Which could be good or bad. These faeries are sometimes responsible for posing as regular mortals and then stealing human women to present to their king; he likes women very much and has no queen. Something else they do is play a sport called hurling, but not much is known about how exactly it is played. They are known as the children of nature, and if you think you can trace your lineage to one of their ancient families, you can say you have faerie blood.

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