I'm not sure how this happened. Mom passed away less than two years ago. How in the world did Daddy fall in love again so quickly, and at his advanced age? His new object of affection even has red hair! Mom was always so modest, a very prim and petite woman with silver hair.

What's even worse, is that his current beloved is MALE! This is truly unbelievable to me.

Dad has always been an extremely religious man, having been an elder of the church for many years, an admired and respected pillar of the community. Now he can usually be seen being openly affectionate with this ... this ... this "Angus", who is constantly by his side, sometimes even sitting in his lap!

What kind of name is Angus, anyway?

I do have to admit, he has gorgeous eyes -- huge, brown ones that gaze at you with sincerity and compassion.

Also, truth be told, everyone who knows Dad seems more thrilled than upset, because they all know how lonely he has been since Mom died. People flash him huge smiles with gestures of "thumbs up." Not one person has said a disparaging word to him yet.

Dad had an appointment with his psychiatrist yesterday, but he refused to leave Angus behind. He even brought Angus into his session with the doctor, whispering sweet things and tugging affectionately on his ear as they entered the office, blithely unaware of anyone else around him.

Then, when it came time for lunch, Dad couldn't even be bothered to eat, although I bought him one of his all-time favorites, a cheeseburger from Whataburger. Food was of no concern to him at the moment -- his only thought was of being with Angus.

I was more than a little concerned on Sunday when Angus caught sight of Miss Cathy out in the courtyard. She has long, flowing tresses of white and, even though it appears she has a laid-back personality, there's a spark in her green eyes that seemingly beckons trouble. Angus was visibly excited and could not take his eyes off her. I think if Dad had not been there, he would have chased after this little spitfire with reckless abandon!

Miss Cathy couldn't be bothered anyway. She never even looked up to see that she was being watched so intently by this little guy as she sauntered slowly to the other side of the yard . . . after all, he's only 9 inches tall and weighs less than 10 pounds, while she, at almost twice his size, has had the run of the place for many years. Angus is simply a newcomer, a lowly Chi-weenie, while she's the community cat.

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