This is an adapter converting serial port data to Dallas Semiconductor's one-wire LAN. It allows you to connect circuits communicating over one-wire to a computer, for example temperature sensors (DS1820 using digitemp), memory iButtons and termocron iButtons.

The adapter has a DB9 or DB25 in one end and an RJ-11 connector in the other.

The following models are available:

  • DS9097U-009 DB-9, with DS2502 ID chip
  • DS9097U-S09 DB-9, no ID chip
  • DS9097U-E25 DB-25, with EPROM write

You need the DB25 version, which has an input for a 12V power supply, if you want to write EPROM-devices.

The advantages of this device over a home-built passive adapter or the old DS9097 (U-less) are:

  • It is more reliable due to the use of an interface circuit. The passive device only converts voltages whereas the 9097U takes a command from the computer and re-sends it on the one-wire bus.
  • Common ground: The passive device does strange things when converting the voltages resulting in a ground level on the one-wire bus that is different from the one on the serial port. The 9097U, however, use the same ground level and the data line is at five volts in respect to "real power-cord" ground.

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