DKSN stands for Display Kinescope Standard Normalization.
This is a parameter used to measure certain quality of image produced by digital LCD monitor. Primarily determining secondary perception of the user of the quality of an image.

If image coming from an LCD monitor is not fully normalized to the standard it may distort an image slightly. Perceptually it may not be always visible, but the distortion in the image will lead to harder recognition of the same image on a different non-normalized monitor.

The property was discovered during extensive comparative tests of large size CRT and LCD monitors, when researchers were recording the image on a camera and measuring distortions.

There are tree variations of DKSN: DKSN-d, DKSN-i and DKSN-p.
-d is for the direct measurement
-i is for indirect or angular
-p is for polarized or filtered

When monitors are measured higher DKSN means better.

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