Cyosphere is a web based game similar to Planetarion. You control a part of the galaxy and you must raise an army to capture other people's galaxies. What I like so much about this game is its simplicity. Planetarion was very complicated and slow moving. Each turn was 1 hour, so you needed to wait ages before you could do anything. In Cyosphere the turns are only 15 minutes, so you can do more to your galaxy if you don't have much time to spend on the game.

The attack method is also different. In Cyosphere your ships immediately appear at the target, telling you straight away if your attack was a failure or not, then it just takes time for them to get back home. The reason I prefer this method over Planetarion is because it is more fair. In Planetarion you could join a huge alliance, and if you catch an attack quickly, you normally have about 10 hours to get everyone to send their ships over to defend you. This meant it was hard for newbies. Cyosphere is very newbie friendly.

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