A hilarious webcomic that doesn't have any taste whatsoever and is all the better because of it. It's kind of what would happen if you got Lenny Bruce to draw The Far Side.

C&H was created in 2005 by Kris Wilson, who first drew them while he was sick to keep himself from dying of boredom. After starting a website to show them off, he teamed up with a crew of others and made Explosm.net, where it resides today. Rob seems to draw most of the new comics today, though everyone has their days in the sun, even the readers.

The characters aren't defined at all -- they are differentiated by the colors of their shirts, and females by their breasts and hair. Stupid puns are indicated by the characters donning top hats and dancing, while anti-humor leads to an awkward silence lasting a few panels. The fourth wall shatters often, which leads to things like characters falling into another panel or getting stabbed with their own dialogue.

Prepare to be offended. This comic flies in the face of everything, including (but not limited to) the disabled, AIDS, drugs, death, sex, pop culture, animals, kids, teens, adults, and themselves.

There are even superheroes in C&H-LOL FAG Man, who flies up to people to say just that, Seizure Man, who does more harm then good by holding someone's baby, and the famous Captain Obvious, who I shouldn't have to explain. There's even a recurring villain- the Purple-Shirted Eye-Stabber.

Until some crybaby sues them for libel, you can find C&H here:


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