At, you can design your own shoes. They have created several template-like designs in three categories: boots, running shoes, and 'skater' shoes (which is an annoying buzz-word stupid thing, but contains the best designs in my opinion.)

Within these main categories there are a few templates from which to choose. Then, for each template design, you can pick from a wide array of colors, textures and materials to customize each segment of the shoe. When you've finished playing in their nifty little flash 'design studio' interface, you can order the shoes online for $60-$95. I think thats a pretty good deal, but I have yet to actually order any of my designs, so I can't vouch for the quality of the finished product.

If you want to play and not spend any money, you may save your new shoes in a personal portfolio that can hold up to 30 designs before beginning to over-write them.
This is kind of fun, but beware the potential for addiction and the fact that the site's colorful interface might make it more likely that your boss notice your procrastination than when you are noding on E2.
You first must understand that I am never the one to discover cool internet sites, I am always told about them. So I thought very highly of myself for finding this online shoe company. Now, before you think to yourself: damn girl, she even has to take her obsession with shoes into the cyber realm and bore us all with stories about shoes, but read on!

I hate Nikes, I hate anything with brands all over it. They make me feel like a label whore or cattle. I also hate having the same pair of shoes as half of my age group. (yes, I'm a little girlie, don't judge me yet) The third thing I dislike about shoes is that I always read the label to see where they are made and I constantly end up visualizing ten year olds making shoes under the watch of guards with machine guns and feel horrible. So how does this all tie in, you ask? This site has, say, ten basic "stencil" designs for shoes and from there you design the rest. You go through 16 'design zones' choosing all the colours you want and where you want them. You also decide if you want a logo or other type of graphic on the shoe, if you don't, that's okay too. But the best part? Although the company's factory is based in Asia their idea is that they want to put pressure on other shoe companies by upping the ante for factories. They pay much better than most other shoe factories and their factory is more of a campus. There are sports courts, restaurants, cafeterias, beauty parlors, karaoke bars, etc., with all of the services subsidized in addition to three free meals a day. And the shoes are the same price as most other good quality sneakers on the market. Give 'em a's fun...

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