Custard and Company is a collection of more than 80 poems by Ogden Nash, selected and illustrated by Quentin Blake. If that alone doesn't make you jump for joy and grin like an idiot, please go read the respective E2 biographies of these two esteemed gentlemen, and if their names still don't mean anything to you, sample the following snippets of verse and trust me, this is a great little book.

Other treasures to be found between the covers of Custard and Company include a Custard sequel: "Custard the Dragon and the Wicked Knight", "To a Small Boy Standing on My Shoes While I am Wearing Them", "The People Upstairs", "You and Me and P.B. Shelley", "Next!", a few untitled limericks, and even more of the short, witty epigrams that are a Nash specialty (e.g. "In the world of mules/ There are no rules.") Blake's drawings provide a delightful accompaniment to the selection, which should be a joy for children of all ages.

Published in 1980 by Little, Brown, and Company in New York and Toronto. ISBN: 0-316-59855-0

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