Another TV court show rip-off of The People's Court. This one features James Curtis as judge. Unfortunately, one of my uncles had a case heard on this show recently. Something to the effect of he sold a 40 year old woman a horse trailer and she didn't pay him the full amount. Well of course things got a little crazy because she was a transvestite and so was her 20 year old "house boy". She insisted on calling the judge "honey" throughout the hearing. My uncle ended up winning the case, but the show paid him the $400, not the woman! Apparently, this is the way the show works, which makes sense because the person who is being sued has incentive to be on the show, since they don't have to pay no matter what the outcome. Also, the show paid to fly them up to New York, and paid for their hotel. What a wonderful way to teach people that crime does pay.

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