From: The Thorough Good Cook

Curries: 5. Curried Fish or Meat

If fish is to be curried, clean and cut it into slices; if prawns, add them whole; crab or lobster must be picked from the shells; fowls or chicken carefully cut up into shreds; and butchers' meat similarly. Never send up your meat cut in joints or slices. Place either of these in cocoa-nut water, with a clove of garlic, and one or two onions shredded, a dessertspoonful of turmeric pounded, six green chilies divided in half, and a few slices of green ginger, with a moderate portion of salt, and let it boil; as the meat, fowl, or fish is nearly dressed, add two spoonfuls of fresh butter, stirring all together. When the dressing is nearly finished, add, lastly, some more cocoa-nut water, and as the curry boils, squeeze in the juice of a lemon to give it a proper acidity. In India a few slices of green mangoes, if in season, may be boiled in the curry. In England, use a zest of green apples; a few-a very few-green gooseberries are also allowable. If the gravy appears too thin, it may have a little flour rubbed up with the butter. Serve with rice separately.

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