Musician, based in Vienna, Austria. Works mainly with sample manipulation and digital processing of analog sounds, creating abstract melodies with a strange mood.
The subtitles for the releases often use expressions like "Electronic Mood Music" or "Digitanalog Mood Music", a clear indication that this is music to feel, besides listening, music to create ambiences and emotions.
His music is extremely crafted and it's clear that even in tracks that sound more experimental, every little detail is cared about.

Easy Listening, Normal
Easy Listening 2, Normal
Easy Listening 3, Normal
Easy Listening 4, Normal
Easy Listening 5, Normal
Switched on Wagner, Mille Plateaux
"Minimalistic mood music, realized on the Moog synthesizer (and other music machines).Contains Richard Wagner compositions transformed beyond recognition by Curd Duca"
This is as album that is clearly different from anything else in his discography, once that no samples were used, mainly only one monophonic synthesizer, to which he fed the polyphonic Wagner scores.
Elevator, Mille Plateaux
Elevator 2, Mille Plateaux
Elevator 3, Mille Plateaux

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