A suburb in Melbourne's North, it is only a suburb because there is a train station there called 'Croxton', and the surrounding area took the name up.

For years, Croxton's most famous landmark was a centre for retarded people, and henceforth calling a person "a Croxton" was akin to calling them a retard. example; someone falls over a chair or something while drunk, it is fair game to say something like;

You're a bit of a Croxton mate

Note that the word is pronounced rather similiar to how it is spelt - say "Crocks-tun".

It is also a good indicator of telling whether a person is a true local of Melbourne1, or simply some yuppie scum; look the possible offender in the eye and say "G'day ya Croxton". If they smile or look confused then they're trash, if they get irritated or punch you then they're genuine.

1. I'm an "honorary" local myself, but I have connections and I ain't no yuppie scum

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