Cronulla is a suburb found on the Pacific Ocean, about 30km South of Sydney's CBD in Australia.

Cronulla comprises four beaches, North Cronulla, Cronulla, Elouera and Shelly Beach, two of which are surfing beaches.

The name 'Cronulla' derives from a local Aboriginal place name, Kurranulla, meaning 'shelly beach'.

In 1967 Cronulla became the first beach to have a railway line built directly to it when the Illawarra line was completed, and linked two famous beaches of Sydney together when the line terminated at Bondi Junction, about 5km West of Bondi Beach.

Cronulla is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, either for swimming, surfing, or walking along the spectacular shoreline.

Likewise local teenagers can be found at the Northern end of the beach steaming up car windows at any time of the year, at a spot formerly known as Green Hill and the site of the local cult movie, 'Puberty Blues'.

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