(True story, which most of you have probably heard...)

A few years ago, a man decided to commit suicide. He was really quite unhappy with his life, and hence was very dedicated to his cause. So, after writing a suicide note, he proceeeded to purchase some rope, a can of gasoline, some poison and a revolver. Indeed, his plans were to tie the rope around his neck and a tree, take the poison, set himself on fire, and jump off a cliff to be hung, shooting himself while in midair.

So, he jumped, and lit himself on fire. Things were going as planned until he missed his own head with the revolver, severing the rope in the process. Hence, he fell into the ocean below the cliff, putting out the fire. Meanwhile, while choking and sputtering in the water, the man managed to vomit out the poison he had ingested. Disheartened, the man decided to swim back to shore.

However, the story comes to a "happy end", depending on how you look at things, as the man died six hours later of complications from hypothermia suffered while swimming back to his safety.

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