Crassula, in the family Crassulaceae, is a genus of plant which consists of many succulents, usually growing in a rosette form. In nature, they usually grow in dry areas between rocks, and store water in their succulent leaves. Many are cultivated as houseplants, or landscape plants in hot dry areas. They are charactarized by succulent leaves which often are pale whitish or blue. These make good houseplants but dont give them too much water.. make sure they dry out totally between waterings or they will rot. Leave these in very sunny areas and dont let them get too cold. If you live in a warm, dry area, like Los Angeles or San Diego, you can plant these outside. They can be nice landscape plants but generally do better as houseplants unless you live in the desert. One common plant of this type is called 'Hen and Chicks', for some reason

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