A legendary product from Salina, KS. A trip to central/northern Kansas would not be complete without a stop in Salina just for the Cozy Burger. There's a sweet little place downtown called Cozy Inn, and that's all they make is these little tiny hamburgers with mustard, pickle, and onion on them. Getting ketchup is an option, but an abomination. You cannot modify the Cozy burger, it must be in it's original form and that does not, my friend, include ketchup. You buy them by the half-dozen. They smell horrible, which is part of their charm.

According to local myth, Cozy Inn got a new grill several years back and threw out the old one. People complained that the burgers didn't taste the same, so they went out the dump, got their old grill back, cleaned it up, and started using it again.

Since my father grew up in Salina, these things were a staple of my youth and went hand in hand with trips to grandma's house.

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