Much as I love cowboys and old westerns starring John Wayne, this is not what I'm writing about. Perhaps a year ago, I was driving on a sunny fall day and was lured to a small yard sale. The sign said, VERY CHEAP, ALMOST FREE 10-2 TODAY ONLY.

Oddest assortment of Oriental silk purses, some old tools, books (mostly self-help), some kitchen utensils that had seen better days, and in the midst of all this was an unused spray bottle called Cowboy Magic. Original price from the store was still on it, $10.95, and while I was reading the label, the woman said, "You can have that for a dollar."

I had just finished reading what the product was used for, Horse and Human Green Spot Remover, then in larger print, Shower in a Bottle. I told the lady I didn't have a horse. She asked if I had a dog. "Nope." Then she said, "Oh, please just take it. Our horse died awhile ago and I need to get rid of all reminders."

She started to get a little teary-eyed, so I bought a few of the silk purses and got the Cowboy Magic for free. I proceeded to forget all about it until last week when I did fifteen minutes of housecleaning and read the rest of the bottle. Ingredients: Deionized Water, Extracts of Wild Raspberry Leaves, Comfrey, Fennel, Burdock Root, Horsetail Grass, Lemongrass, Sage, Yarrow, Honey, Rosemary and a few other good things.

Now, my Mom was in the hospital and I knew they were barely giving her sponge baths, so I brought the Cowboy Magic there and sprayed her head and hair with it, then massaged it in, toweled her hair mostly dry. I took a photo and sent it to family members. My sister from Virginia thought it was hilarious and our youngest son told me his rock band friends use products like that when they're touring. Most important, it made my mother feel a bit better.

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