Couvade also refers to the uncommon condition in biological males of sympathetic pregnancy, some reported cases of which are comparable in symptoms to what is described under hysterical pregnancy. Weight gain, morning sickness, gynecomastia and other physical symptoms of pregnancy are among the likely signs of this condition.

Most of the cases I have known first-hand or have read about in the psych literature seem to be associated with at least some degree of gender dysphoria on the part of the individual experiencing couvade, but this could be my own impression and may not hold true in all (or even most) cases.

Cou`vade" (k??`v?d"), n. [F., fr. couver. See Covey.]

A custom, among certain barbarous tribes, that when a woman gives birth to a child her husband takes to his bed, as if ill.

The world-wide custom of the couvade, where at childbirth the husband undergoes medical treatment, in many cases being put to bed for days. Tylor.


© Webster 1913.

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