Former college football defensive end for the Virginia Tech Hokies, now linebacker for the NFL's Buffalo Bills. Won the 1999 Nagurski Award for best collegiate defensive player of the year and Lombardi Award for best defensive lineman of the year. Consensus All-American; third-round pick in the NFL Draft because he had to change position to become pro.

Originally from Brownsville, TN. Was signed by Ole Miss, but lost his scholarship when Ole Miss was put on NCAA probation. Went to a junior college before transferring to Virginia Tech in 1997. Graduated in spring 1999 with a degree in finance, pursued a second degree in management during his senior football season.

Although small for a defensive lineman, at 6 feet tall and 215 pounds, he compensated in college with tremendous speed, strength and knowledge of the game. His size necessitated a switch to linebacker for his pro career.

Ran his mouth too much before the 2000 Sugar Bowl, where Tech played for the national championship against Florida State -- went on a profane tirade several days before the game, and refused to grant interviews between that tirade and the game. Some Virginia sportswriters claimed that this was merely to take the media heat off of teammate and freshman quarterback Michael Vick. Was only credited with one tackle in the Sugar Bowl, on FSU's first play from scrimmage.

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