Cor"ban (?), n. [Heb. qorban, akin to Ar. qurban.]


(Jewish Antiq.) An offering of any kind, devoted to God and therefore not be appropriated to any other use; esp., an offering in fulfillment of a vow.

⇒ In the old Testament the hebrew word is usually translated "oblation" as in Numb. xviii. 9, xxxi. 50.

⇒ The traditionists laid down that a man might interdict himself by vow, not only from using for himself, but from giving to another, or receiving from him, some particular object, whether of food or any other kind. A person might thus exempt himself from assisting parents in distress, under plea of corban. Dr. W. Smith.


An alms basket; a vessel to receive gifts of charity; a treasury of the church, where offerings are deposited.


© Webster 1913.

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