Copperfaced Jack was a nickname given to John Scott, Lord Clonmel b.1739 d.1798 from 17 Harcourt Street, Dublin where he had a house called Clonmel House.
He was given the nickname Copperfaced Jack because of his dark complexion. He was a good friend of another Dublin character of the era, called Buck Whaley.
An unsavory caracter he made most of his money by defrauding Catholics who, at that time in Ireland were forbidden from owning property. Scott therefore held the property for the Catholics and charged a hefty fee for his services.
Across the road from his house in Harcourt Street he constructed beautiful gardens which survive to this day as the Iveagh Grounds.
There is a nightclub named after him now, Copperfaced Jacks on Harcourt Street which is part of the Jackson Court Hotel. A good nightclub if you are visiting Dublin if, like Copperfaced Jack you like the finer things in life!

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