The best bit of art I have ever seen.

Joseph Grigely kept scraps of paper, bits of napkin, receipts, filofax pages, backs of envelopes and post-it notes bearing fragments of conversations.

Written in various hands they are the comments which people had written to aid conversation with their deaf friend.

Taken out of context, they seem odd and fascinating. You want to hear the rest.

It is intriguing to see these little snapshots of how someone lives their life, differently from hearing people, and the material itself is very alive, and humorous.

Scrawled messages - I tried not to node them all, but they are brilliant if you read them in quick succession. Imagine them in pencil, or red biro:

 y                                 As Emily Dickenson
  o u  are late.                    says
                                    Tell  the truth
                                    but tell it askew
   YES!  YES!

      YES!                                           I
    I thought today how Klimt sounds like Clit          h
        always in the back of my                         ght you
                                                            said  ASS

  once upon a time I spent the night at a friends on a mattress
 on the floor. I don't know what happened but in the middle of the
night he slept-walked over + PISSED on my head! I was- uh-jeezus,it
 was  too weird. So I got up and showered (and found
                                             another bed)
 In the morning he saw the wet mattress +
 blamed the DOG!

    I didn t have the heart to tell him it was. . .
     his dark side
                                         Should we go? I
                                          desperately need a pee

  deceptive                                      I'm drinkine too
   I have been doing bizarre                         much alclohol I
   adventurous sex                                believe (sp),
    2-3 years.
   It's holding me back
     from love.
                                           A piano echoing in a large
   Anxiety.                                hall. Very solitary and
   I need a break.
    and this is better than heroin

                     Fred says he hasn't smoked pot in 2 days because
                      he forgot

      My mother most recently when I took her to
      dinner was charming me W/ her 1950's coquettish
        ladylike ways and I said
         Mammy, you are such a remnant, and she said
           You mean I'm a Rembrandt

                                   ot i n a bar!

 It's as English as hell

                  She said her name is               Barbie lipstick
                 the sound of a cat.

John Grigely,
Barbican Conversations,
Barbican Centre,
Silk Street,
London E2.

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