Contraversia = controversy 1; argument

In Puerto Rico a style of singing found particularly in rural areas among the jíbaros2 where the first singer extemporaneously composes & sings a verse in which he expresses an idea, position, or point of view or hurls insults, in good fun, at a second singer. The second singer uses the end of that verse as the beginning of his own and tries to outdo his opponent. The rounds continue until one singer admits defeat.

In Cuba this is called a punto guajiro3.

This is the first entry of a proposed metanode for Puerto Rico, where I lived until recently and which I miss very much. It seems to be a great way to record facts and impressions before they fade.

I use footnotes rather that creating nodes because it's my impression as a newbie that one-line nodes don't amount to very much and I don't want to lose them.

1 In English the controversy means = a dispute, especially a public one, between sides holding opposing views
2 Farmers, the word in Puerto Rico has a positive connotation, signifying simple folk, the salt of the earth; one sees politicians and Church officials referring to themselves as jíbaros
3 a guajiro in Cuba would be a jíbaro in Puerto Rico and a farmer in the United States.

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