The name that Bellevue's very own raving madman gives to his proposed vast government conspiracy.

Said madman, affectionally known by residents as The CO2 Man, proposes that the government is, in fact, orchestrating a brilliant scheme of subtle mind control. He argues the reason why cars have had their exhaust systems changed by federal regulation is not because carbon dioxide is less harmful than carbon monoxide, but, because CO2 has mind-altering properties.

His "evidence" mainly rests on the fact that, post-exhaust change, school violence has risen dramatically. Moreover, he notes that many schools these days have windows which do not open, and ceilings which are relatively low, he believes these are all methods of increasing the effect of CO2. He says this is all so that the government can make America's children into cold-blooded killers. (Or, as his cardboard signs read, "Killerxs")

Why the government would want to do this goes unanswered. Regardless, he continues to protest regularly around the Bellevue School District, which is how I first encountered him. He also has a website,, which is full of his own essays on the subject to which he has devoted his life.

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