Original game designed by Sega for the Genesis / MegaDrive / Nomad platform. It is about a comic book designer named Sketch who gets sucked into his own comic book, while the villan has his reign over the real world.

It is a beautiful 2d-scrolling platformer, with excellent sound, graphics, and style, and quite unique game play. This game takes heavy use of Sega's Raster effects to do animations such as the opening title screen.

All in all, quite difficult, and very replayable. I have never gotten to the end, but it is still a great one to pick up now and again. Much of the fun is beating on the difficult bad guys: performing the correct combination of moves and counter moves allows you to move past enemies unscathed. There are numerous puzzle elements to the game, many consisting of common sense uses of items to get past certain obstacles. Incorrectly solving puzzles usually costs you life in one way or another. All in all, an excellent game; one that everyone has played would reccomend. There is a port of it to the PC platform, that is not as rich in grpahics or sound as the original.

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