Some people have an inner child, I have an inner anarchist. For years I've been denying it but in the past few weeks I have begun to come to terms with my inner anarchist.

When I was young I never wanted to be one of the people who wore all black. Really. it seemed to institutionalized for my taste. I was such a deeply ingrained anarchist that I didn't want to participate in any of the anarchist traditions. In fact, I didn't want to be called an anarchist, because too many people were doing that and my youthful intuition told me that if there's a herd it must be going the wrong way. (Okay, there were only four real anarchists at my highschool but even that was too many ...) I needed a path that did not reek of institutionalism so I became an objectivist (I am so ashamed of this I could cry right now ...) little did I know that objectivists have a sense of institution that makes the nazi party look like a quaker meeting hall ... that's another story.

Fast-forward to today. I have found some black clothing and let lose my inner anarchist. I know now that's it's OK to be like the other anarchists I will not be lost in a sea of sameness ... (In fact, we need all the anarchists we can find if there's going to be any positive change!) I know that it is a commitment to a kind of hopeless idealism, but at least I'm charged with a new quest. To help other people to discover their inner anarchists and through that to loosen the binds that makes so many people so miserable every day.

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