One of the people directly in charge of the manipulation of the chacter Ender Wiggin in the book Ender's Game. Colonel Graff had been watching Ender since Ender's birth, trying to decide if Ender is the tactical genius that humanity had been waiting for to end the war with telepathic insect aliens called The Buggers. When Ender is six, Graff pulls him into an outerspace training center called Battle School, and torments Ender with unfair rules, and just generally being unsupportive. The purpose of the torment, is to temper Ender into being a better general. Ender resents it, considering Graff his enemy, and that Graff's only wish is to manipulate Ender, no matter the expense to Ender. Graff really does care about Ender however, but he feels the need to counter The Buggers as taking priority.

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