"Fletcher Prouty is a man whose name will go down in history."

-- Oliver Stone

Col. L. Fletcher Prouty (USAF, Ret.) was the model for Donald Sutherland's character "X" in the movie JFK.  He spent nine years at the Pentagon doing several different duties; two years as briefing officer for the Secretary of Defense and then later two more years in the same role for the Joint Chiefs of Staff; finally five years working in U.S. Air Force Headquarters. He also was appointed "Focal Point" officer between the Air Force and the CIA for clandestine operations (overthrowing governments, assassinating people, etc.).

After retiring from the military, Prouty went on to lecture at Yale and then become a banker. In retirement he has written over seventy articles on numerous subjects and has written two works of non-fiction The Secret Team and JFK, The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy and recently published a cd-rom of his life's papers.

I like Prouty, from what I have read of his.  He seems to be one of the most grounded of the many JFK researchers. He was interviewed for Nigel Turner's documentary The Men Who Killed Kennedy and discussed thoroughly the weakness in the protective service given to the motorcadeand many other topics.

Although his strongest points are outside of the specifics of the Kennedy assassination itself. He has written several good articles about how to perform a coup d'etat, and other acts that need to be performed under the table.

In short, he is not a wacko, and writes good stuff if you like this subject.

Some info from: prouty.org

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