The dust from sanding cocobolo is toxic. Always use a respirator when working. In fact its wise to limit your exposure to sawdust as most people can develop allergies from extened exposure. Pau Ferro, also known as morado or bolivian rosewood, causes an allergic reaction in about 15% of the population. It is gaining acceptance amongst luthiers as a tonewood. Unlike some other woods, cocobolo is a true rosewood, comparing favorably to the highly prized Brazllian rosewood in terms of beauty and reasonance.

Co`co*bo"lo (?), Co`co*bo"las (?), n. [Sp. cocobolo.] Bot.

A very beautiful and hard wood, obtained in the West India Islands. It is used in cabinetmaking, for the handles of tools, and for various fancy articles.


© Webster 1913.

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