Club X is a monthly play party of a leather group in San Diego CA. The group had worked with the local police force and believed that they had an understanding that their group was understood to be engaging in private sexual play. In October of 1999, the San Diego vice unit entered their monthly event and cited 6 individuals for lewd behavior.

The reason for the raid proved to be that a new officer had started working in the vice unit and apparently wanted to make a name for herself.

One of the 6 defendants requested an accelerated trial which was granted. The club's defense focused on the fact that only individuals who were aware of the nature of the event and thus had given informed consent to being present. Because lewdness is a matter of individual opinion, and the event was private, the charges should be dismissed.

The jury in the case found in favor of the defendant and the jury foreperson gave a stern lecture to the district attorney for wasting their time with the matter.

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