Probably the coziest dormitory in the East Campus section of Georgia Tech. Was a men's dorm in the 1970s and 1980s; became a women's dorm later. Three floors, each floor with two wings, one going north-south along Techwood Drive, the other extending back and away from Techwood. A stairwell/foyer area joins the two wings. The wings on each floor have separate entrances to that floor's bathroom. There is a kitchen on each long wing.

I lived in Cloudman from Fall 1981 to Summer 1984.

Best things about Cloudman:

Noise Suppression - The walls were made of cement or plaster or something and had been painted enough times as to reduce the width of the rooms by perhaps two inches (joke). The best part, though, is that someone thought to carpet one wall of the hallways. For what it's worth, the bathrooms have excellent reverb for singing.

Location - not as close as maybe three other dorms as far as walking places goes, but when it's in the teens outside and your contacts are trying to freeze to your eyeballs, every step matters. Back in those days, there was a dining hall whose entrance was maybe a 40-foot walk from the back door.

Showers - all the hot water you could stand in an elongated rectangular multi-nozzle stall made of what seemed like laminated sandstone. They were scrubbed down every day except maybe on weekends.

Worst things about Cloudman: Noise - If you lived on the short halls in the front, you got treated to a concerto by the dumpster trucks that haul ass around campus every night. Also, see "football games" below.

Football games - During football season, home game Saturdays are hellish for Cloudmanites. The football stadium is right across the street; you could throw a rock and hit it from the front door of Cloudman if you had a good arm. You had better move your car from Techwood avenue or it'll get towed early Saturday morning. At about 8AM, they test the stadium PA. I remember yanking myself upright out of bed to the strains of the theme from Superman.

Climate (lack of) control - I don't know about now, but back in the day, all rooms in Cloudman were water-heated or -cooled, all alike. Problem was, whether you had hot water or chilled water was up to God knows whom. I remember one time it got damn cold in a big hurry, and there was no heat. Even though the dorm had double-pane windows, my room (old number 217, right above the walkway to the dining hall) had three windows and the temperature plummeted inside. There was no heat, and I, being such a social maladept, had no company, so I went to bed with all my clothes on and with an old vacuum-tube portable TV running with the picture and sound turned down for heat.

Things I remember about Cloudman. The guy on short hall, first floor who used to smoke joints and play bad keyboards and bad guitar in his room. The arrogant Jewish shit-for-brains on short 3rd who tried to sell a guy a JVC cassette deck with the heads all misaligned and bragged about his stolen piezo tweeters. My roommate who would drive us out into the hallway gasping for breath after one of his lethal burning-metal farts. The discovery that at 4AM, Emerson Lake & Palmer's LOVE BEACH actually sounds pretty catchy.

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