"The international source of the best available evidence for effective healthcare"

The introduction to this 1576 page book describes it as a

"...compendium of evidence on what works in health care".

I'd say it rocks!

This is a bi-anually updated collection of the best (and not so good) evidence on a wide variety of clinical subjects.

The book is supported by a grant by the British department of health and is being published by the respectable BMJ Publishing Group, publisher of the venerable British Medical Journal.

"Clinical evidence" bases on the (almost religious) belief by some scientists that only a meta analysis of a large group of double blind, randomized, placebo controlled studies with no bias is the goldstandard in evidence based medicine, ranking evidence from "A" (studies as described previously) to "C" (anecdotal evidence). This is obviously not everybody's cup of tea, but it gives the doctor and the patient a good base on which to make clinical decisions based on statistical data, although you'll find always clinicians who'll rather go by their own experience than a large multicentre trial.

At least in the british NHS a "must-have" on your desk.

"Clinical Evidence", Editor: Stuart Barton, BMJ Publishing Group

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