A firefighter in Irmo, SC who has recently become Subway's new advertising gold mine. Clay lost over 130 pounds by working out and eating healty(ier) foods, such as the 6 inch long veggie delight at Subway. He had a Subway sandwhich almost every work day.

Clay joined the fire department when he was 18, and weighed in at a ghastly 330 pounds at 6 feet, 2 inches. He was overweight. He used to eat whatever he wanted - including loads of greasy fast food. Clay soon realized that he could not help the fire department with his problem, so he buckled down and lost the weight. Along with Subway subs, Clay began to cook his food better at home, by grilling and broilling instead of frying. It was not just Subway.

After losing the weight, he sent a letter to Subway, and they chose him to be their newest poster boy. According to an interview given by Clay, Subway did a rather large investigation before chosing him. This included calling his local Subway and making sure Clay actually ate there with some degree of frequency. Frequently, Subway commercials featuring Clay can be seen on TV. They have a song that goes like this:

His name is Henry
Clay Henry
He's a fireman and a Jared fan
From Subway

He got real big on burgers and fries
Now he's down to a smaller size
Gets his might from his veggie delight
Great taste each day from his local Subway

He's Henry
Clay Henry

The commercial was shot in July 2001. It began airing nationally in late 2001. The taping was done in Los Angeles, and took about 13 hours. He slid down that antique fire pole up to 30 times before they got the shot right. The building that the commercial was shot in was a historically preserved firehouse. His fiancee was with him the entire time in Los Angeles. Now, Clay is somewhat of a celebrity, although I'm almost sure it won't last too long.

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