BR Class 01 (Andrew Barclay 0-4-0)

This tiny class of shunting locomotives, only five strong, was produced by Andrew Barclay of Kilmarnock (Scotland) for the then British Railways and was bought specifically for locations where larger locomotives could not be used, on account of curvature, clearance or weight. The astute reader of the specifications below will notice that that only four numbers were allocated; this is because two locomotives both bore the number D2856, one being brought out of departmental stock when the original D2856 was withdrawn from service. Although existing in very small numbers, two survived until relatively late on the Holyhead breakwater, where heavier locomotives could not be used; 01 001 was withdrawn in 1979 and 01 002 followed in 1981. They carried their original British Railways black livery and the original British Railways lion-and-wheel ("Ferret and Dartboard") emblem until the end, possibly the last in-service locomotives to do so. Two still exist in preservation, D2853 (at Peak Rail) and the first D2856 (on the East Lancashire Railway).

More recently, the subclassification 01/5 had come into use to refer to small privately owned shunters certified to run on Railtrack metals. As such, 01/5 is a collective grouping of a bunch of very different locomotives, having in common only that they're small, hitherto unclassified shunters of designs never given a BR classification.


    TOPS Numbering:  01 001 - 01 002 (only 2 survived to carry TOPS numbers)
    1957 Numbering:  D2953-D2956
          Built by:  Andrew Barclay, Kilmarnock
        Introduced:  1956-58
 Wheel Arrangement:  0-4-0 (B)
            Weight:  25 tonnes
     Maximum Speed:  14mph (22.5 km/h)
            Engine:  Gardner 6L3
     Engine Output:  153hp (114 kW)
        Brake Type:  Unfitted (no train brakes; only locomotive brake)
      Heating Type:  None Fitted

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