The Claremont Colleges (Offically the Claremont College Consortium), located in (Go figure) Claremont, California, is like no other college(s) in the United States. Concieved by Pomona President James A. Blaisdell, the colleges began in 1925 over concerns that Pomona College might become a large-scale university, as they wanted to maintain the benefits of a small college, but expand as well. In light of this, President Blaisdell, went on a year-long tour of England and devised a consortium of colleges modeled after Cambridge and Oxford University.

Nearly a century later, the consortium thrives. Each college is about the size of a medium dorm, but they all have their own specialties and are completely autonomous with their own faculty, admissions requirements, and philosophy. However, they are closely knit, with intercollege courses, all-college parties the norm, one newspaper, etc.



Affiliated Institutions


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